Microarray-based SNP and Transcriptomics Instruments

  • Illumina HiScan – most adavanced bead-array reader on the market for high-density SNP detection, mRNA-profiling and methylation microarrays.

  • Illumina BeadXPress – medium density, custom SNP detection platform,


  • Transcript profiling and splice variant detection using mRNA-Seq.

  • Protein-DNA interaction studies using ChIP-Seq,

  • Whole-exome sequencing using gene capture technology.

  • Small gene panel sequencing using custom-made gene capture technology.

  • MicroRNA and small RNA profiling.

  • Whole-genome sequencing of human DNA.

  • Genome-wide cytosine methylation scanning using bisulfite converted DNA.

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  • Gene Arrays, provides microarray & sequencing services and their technical team is very good and co-operative. Asked them for advanced analysis of microarray data from human and cell lines, they did very good job and very fast turnover time. Thank you "Gene Arrays", I recommend to go with them.
    Amit Tiwari, PhD
  • I spoke with technical team for experimental design for microarrays (GEP) and ChIP-seq. Tech team help me for advanced microarray data analysis and ChIP-seq data so quickly. Thank you and I recommend to take services from Gene Arrays.
    Dr. Roger Farewell, MD


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