Illumina MiSeq

Illumina’s sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology is the most successful and widely-adopted next-generation sequencing platform worldwide. TruSeq technology supports massively parallel sequencing using a proprietary reversible terminator-based method that enables detection of single bases as they are incorporated into growing DNA strands. A fluorescently-labeled terminator is imaged as each dNTP is added and then cleaved to allow incorporation of the next base. Since all four reversible terminator-bound dNTPs are present during each sequencing cycle, natural competition minimizes incorporation bias. The end result is true base-by-base sequencing that enables the industry’s most accurate data for a broad range of applications.

For more information, visit Illumina’s website or MiSeq-datasheet [PDF].

Instrument Read sequences
per lane
Read length Instrument run time
MiSeq 12-15 million
reads x 1 lane
150 bp single read
or paired end
24-36 hours for both


  • Transcript profiling and splice variant detection using mRNA-Seq.

  • Protein-DNA interaction studies using ChIP-Seq,

  • Whole-exome sequencing using gene capture technology.

  • Small gene panel sequencing using custom-made gene capture technology.

  • MicroRNA and small RNA profiling.

  • Whole-genome sequencing of human DNA.

  • Genome-wide cytosine methylation scanning using bisulfite converted DNA.

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