The HiSeq 2500 sequencing system offers unprecedented output and a breakthrough user experience. Leveraging Illumina’s proven and widely-adopted, reversible terminator-based sequencing by synthesis chemistry in combination with innovative engineering, HiSeq 2500 delivers the industry’s highest sequencing output and fastest data generation rate. Human interaction design features and the easiest sequencing workflow set a new standard for simplicity and user experience.

For more information, Visit Illumina website or hiseq-2500-user-guide-15035786-b [PDF]

Instrument Read sequences
per lane
Read length Instrument run time
HiSeq 2000 120-150 million
reads x 16 lanes
100 bp single read
or paired end
5 days for single read
11 days for paired end


  • Transcript profiling and splice variant detection using mRNA-Seq.

  • Protein-DNA interaction studies using ChIP-Seq,

  • Whole-exome sequencing using gene capture technology.

  • Small gene panel sequencing using custom-made gene capture technology.

  • MicroRNA and small RNA profiling.

  • Whole-genome sequencing of human DNA.

  • Genome-wide cytosine methylation scanning using bisulfite converted DNA.

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