Genome sequence data now provide tools for the development of practical uses for genetic information. DNA is an invaluable tool in forensics because – aside from identical twins – every individual has a uniquely different DNA sequence. Repeated DNA sequences in the human genome are sufficiently variable among individuals that they can be used in human identity testing.We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our clients based on confidence, trust and respect. We apply our vast technical expertise and knowledge towards preparing the experimental design, quality and data analysis in an efficient and cost effective manner. When you’re in need of technical support, advice, guidance for experimental, Data analysis, we are here for you. We give you the attention and care to provide highest quality services in genomics and proteomics.

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  • Gene Arrays, provides microarray & sequencing services and their technical team is very good and co-operative. Asked them for advanced analysis of microarray data from human and cell lines, they did very good job and very fast turnover time. Thank you "Gene Arrays", I recommend to go with them.
    Amit Tiwari, PhD
  • I spoke with technical team for experimental design for microarrays (GEP) and ChIP-seq. Tech team help me for advanced microarray data analysis and ChIP-seq data so quickly. Thank you and I recommend to take services from Gene Arrays.
    Dr. Roger Farewell, MD


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