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Welcome to the “Gene Arrays” Genome and microarray facilities. Our arrays carried out at certified labs in New York, NY, USA. Gene Arrays specialized in the area of genome sequencing using various instruments (Illumina HiSeq 2500, Illumina MiSeq, Ion Torrent and Pacific Biosciences) and microarrays carried out Affymetrix and Illumina platforms. Microarray analysis of both DNA and RNA samples are supported, including transcriptome analysis (GEP), Exon, miRNA expressions, DNA methylation and histone modification.We pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with our clients based on confidence, trust and respect.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Next Generation Sequencing Services

  • Bioinformatics Support Services

  • Microarrays

  • Illumina BeadArrays

  • Gene Expression

  • Genomic DNA, RNA, ChIP, ChIP-Seq and RNA-Seq

  • Pathway Analysis

  • Library Preparation

  • DNA/RNA/MicroRNA Isolation



We effectively run samples,analyze NGS and Transcriptome data with highest quality. We also provide advanced analysis of data and publication quality figures. We have years of experience and notable expertise to ensure that your precious samples are in good hands.


Our clients are more than just a number, we understand that every case is different and we work diligently to find the best solution and experimental design for your situation. Gene Arrays is here whenever you need us.


As we are a small company, but we give you highest quality, preference and customer service, with uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We use cutting edge technologies to ensure up to date information from the Genomics & Transcriptomics and to provide most relevant information and perspectives.


  • Gene Arrays, provides microarray & sequencing services and their technical team is very good and co-operative. Asked them for advanced analysis of microarray data from human and cell lines, they did very good job and very fast turnover time. Thank you "Gene Arrays", I recommend to go with them.
    Amit Tiwari, PhD
  • I spoke with technical team for experimental design for microarrays (GEP) and ChIP-seq. Tech team help me for advanced microarray data analysis and ChIP-seq data so quickly. Thank you and I recommend to take services from Gene Arrays.
    Dr. Roger Farewell, MD


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Gene Arrays
Vedic Research Inc.


1975 Washington Ave,
Seaford, NY 11783

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+1 (917) 719-0012



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